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Sending Word 2013 Documents in email

Sending Word 2013 documents in email – Many times you need to send Word document to different people in email. The most common way of sending document in email involves several steps such as opening email client or logging into web based email account, composing a mail, selecting recipients and attaching the Word document to […]

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How to use Mail Merge feature in Word 2013

How to use Mail Merge feature in Word 2013 – The Mail Merge feature in Microsoft Word 2013 presents a simple way to create multiple documents from a single template.  The Mail Merge feature requires a Main Document and a Data Source.  Combining these two saves time and effort. Using Mail Merge feature you can […]

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Saving Word 2013 Documents in OneDrive

Saving Word 2013 Documents in OneDrive This is a useful option for users who need to share documents. OneDrive is a cloud-based storage service from Microsoft that simplifies sharing of Word documents with other OneDrive users. Saving the Word document to OneDrive has several advantages such as multiple users can work on the document and make changes […]

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Printing Documents in Word 2013

Printing documents in Word 2013 is easier in comparison to earlier Microsoft Word versions. Microsoft has fine tuned all printing options and has presented them together in one menu. If you have created a document and want to print it for viewing it offline or sharing, you can do it in very few steps. 1. […]

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Password Protect your Document in Word 2013

Password Protect your Document in Word 2013 – Password protecting your Document is the best way to secure the document from unauthorized access. The password protection feature in Word 2013 enables you to prevent opening of the document unless you enter the right password. (Note:  If you forget the password then there is no way to […]

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How to prevent Document Editing in Word 2013

How to prevent Document Editing in Word 2013. Many times when you finished writing, you wish marking your document as Final and prevent editing of the document by other people. Word 2013 presents you with a feature that enables you to do so. Let’s take a look at the steps that will inform other users […]

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Comparing Documents in Word 2013

Comparing Documents in Word 2013 The comparing document feature in Word 2013  is useful to know changes made to the document or know exact differences in similar looking Word documents.  If someone has edited your document, you can easily know about updates made to the document using the compare document feature. 1. Launch Word 2013. […]

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Setup the Auto Correction feature in Word 2013

Setup the Auto Correction feature in Word 2013 – The Auto Correct feature in Word 2013 can fix hundreds of typo and spelling errors as you type. Auto correct feature does not require you to do anything; Word 2013 refers the instructions set and corrects mistakes accordingly. The Auto correct feature can be further tuned […]

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How to Recover files in Word 2013

How to Recover files in Word 2013 – Losing data or complete document can be one of the worst things that can happen to a computer user. The importance of data and the time spent to create it  are two important factors for any computer user. Word program or your Windows OS can crash unexpectedly  leading […]

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How to create a Macro in Word 2013

How to create a Macro in Word 2013 1. Open a Word document. 2. Click on View tab 3. Locate Macros in the top right corner of the Ribbon 4. Click on Macros 5. Click on Record Macro    A Record Macro dialog pops up. 6. Enter appropriate Macro Name. The Record Macro dialog pop […]

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