How to Customize a Basic WordPress Theme from Editor

This tutorial is for the WordPress users who know a little about html and CSS codes. You can customize a basic WordPress theme from the editor option. It is very easy to customize some basic options from editor. From editor you can add, edit, delete all the html, php and CSS codes of the template. […]

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How to Customize a Basic WordPress Theme from Customize Menu

Customizing a WordPress theme is very easy. It requires some basic html or CSS skills. In previous tutorial I showed how to install a free WordPress theme. In this tutorial I will show  how to customize a Basic WordPress Theme from customize menu. In this tutorial I used a very basic WordPress theme “Twenty Twelve”. […]

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How to add a Free Theme in WordPress

There are thousands of free WordPress themes available in internet. Using and customizing the themes are very easy. Free themes are easy to customize. You can add a free theme in WordPress easily. In the following tutorial I will show how to add a new free theme to your website. 01. First log in to […]

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How to add a Google translator in WordPress

How many of us know Mandarin or German or French or even Arabic? Adding a language translator can make your website more popular. For a business website a language translator is very effective because a large number of website visitors from Asia and Europe who are non English speaker. Also it is tough to create […]

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How to Create a Static Homepage in WordPress

By default any WordPress theme shows the most recent posts in the homepage. It is good for blog or review type websites. But static homepage is more effective for general websites where you may need to add your business portfolios or profiles. It is possible to make a static homepage in WordPress by changing some settings. […]

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How to create Dynamic Drop Down Submenus in WordPress

Most of the WordPress themes allow users to create dynamic drop down sub menu from dashboard without changing or writing a single code. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a dynamic drop down submenu in just 20 seconds. 01. To create sub-menu at first log in to www.yoursite.com/wp-admin. In dashboard go to […]

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