The HTML Page is the normal and standard web page commonly used in the websites. So, it is the first basic thing we should learn in the Dreamweaver software.

Create the First Web Page 

1. Go to the Menu Bar and Choose File. Select the option New.

2. In the pop up window, select Document Type HTML in the option New Document.

3. Add a Title for the HTML page and click on Create.

4. In the Split Window of the HTML page, you can see the preview of the page in the upper part and HTML Code in the lower part of the window.

5. Type the text for the Web page in the Upper part (White part): “Welcome! This is the First Web Page of the Website.”

6. Go to the Menu File and click on Save. Name the file as “index.html”.

Preview in the Browser 

1. Once you save the file, you can preview the webpage in a browser.

2. Go to the Menu File and go to Real-time Preview. Select the browser from the options. We will select Google Chrome. You can test on other browsers too to check the content consistency.